Every box contains 10 pizza bases (1 bases per envelope)

To be stored in Refrigerator (+4°C) with a shelf-life of 60 days from production date
(product available also frozen)

Soft, tender and fragrant Pizza/Focaccia 

Typical dough for making focaccia to fill or serve by the slice, but also ideal for making pizza.

Kneaded by hand, it stands out for its tender texture and authentic fragrance.

Dough made using highest-quality ingredients, including re-milled durum wheat bran and soft wheat flour, 50% natural yeast and extra-virgin olive oil.

Its natural leavening for 24 hours creates a honeycomb structure that is unique, making it possible to produce an exceptionally light product.

Thanks to its natural method of preparation, it is ideal even when heated up.

The presence of sea water allows for a net reduction in the amount of sodium used in the recipe.

Contains no lard or other saturated or hydrogenated fats.

Available in 30×40 cm and 60×40 cm formats.

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